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The trailer for Season 2 of Monstars of Rock: The Lordi Story is now available!

The 2nd season will release in Spring 2021, and will continue the story of Finnish metallers LORDI. Picking up from the end of the Arockalypse era right up to this point in the band’s history.

In this series, much like the last, you’ll be guided through LORDI’s history by Matthew Kessie and will hear the voices of previous band members like KITA and AWA; along with current members of the band, MR. LORDI, AMEN, MANA, HELLA and HIISI telling you their experience of the band’s illustrious career.

This season will also see the return of other important people involved LORDI’s story and the introduction of one, JESSYCHO.

To keep up to date with the production and to see exclusive pictures make sure to follow and subscribe to @truemetalpod on Instagram!


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