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MonSTARmaniacs be aware! NOVEMBER 8th - Season 3 of MonSTARS of Rock: The LORDI Story will begin releasing. This will be the final season of the documentary series by True Metal Podcast, which has covered all of LORDI’s history up to SCARE FORCE ONE at this point.

The final season, will begin with True Metal Podcast host Matthew Kessie delving into the Monstereophonic era and will reveal a secret about that album that had gone untold until now!!!! From there you’ll get weekly episodes and even a week long special on LORDIVETSITY (more news on that later) see the schedule below and make sure to follow and subscribe to True Metal Podcast Productions for exclusive pictures and info.

November 8th - Monstereophonic

November 15th - Sexorcism

November 22nd - Killection

November 29th- Week Long LORDIVERSITY Special (More info to follow)


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