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#SCREAMSTREAM: Introducing the Venue!

In the wake of the coming livestream we’ll take a moment to introduce you to the venue of the stream.

Paha Kurki Rockhouse is a local rock bar in Rovaniemi with a long history. It's currently closed because of the corona restrictions in Finland, but as it is the place to go to for headbangers in Lapland, Lordi decided to stream the gathering from there. Many of the interior stuff on display are from Mr. Lordi's personal collection!

Photo by: MapleStorm Oy

Get your tickets for the Stream here:

Please note - this is a LIVE STREAM. There’ll be no audience present at this event. Buying a ticket grants you access to the stream that can be viewed up to 7 days after the stream has aired. Ticket can also be bought after the stream to access the show.

Next up in our series #ScreamStream we will talk more about the stream and it’s features! Stay tuned.


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