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Scream Stream F.A.Q.:

Meet Dylan Broda, the lovely host of the Scream Stream on May 22. He will now show you how to buy a ticket to the stream and how to register on the stream site.

Scream Stream F.A.Q.:

Q: My country or city is not listed in your posts. Can I still watch the stream?

A: Yes. The Scream Stream is worldwide and you can watch it anywhere in the world as long as you have a decent internet connection. The cities are JUST EXAMPLES of time zones.

Q: The stream starts at 22:00 in Rovaniemi. In my country that is 21:00. Can I begin watching it already then or do I have to wait for an hour?

A: You can watch the stream LIVE. The starting time is depending on the time zone your country is in.

Q: Why does the Scream Stream cost money when many bands are doing it for free?

A: When was the last time you got in for free for a Lordi concert? We are not doing a typical low cost stream here. We are doing it with professional streaming company and technicians so it will look and sound good. This takes at least as much time and effort as setting up a standard live gig, but the ticket is still half the price. Please note that most of the free streams are sponsored by for example a tv station or some other media and they have income from advertising. We are doing this on our own.

Q: Will Scream Stream be available on YouTube or on DVD later?

A: YouTube: Absolutely not! DVD: Maybe. If it is decided that we will release it on DVD, in any case it will be years from now.

Q: Can I download Scream Stream for myself if a buy a ticket?

A: No you can’t. Downloading, recording, copying, sharing or distributing the Scream Stream is strictly prohibited and against all copyright laws. Doing this will get you in big trouble so don’t even try.

Q: I cannot watch the stream live because I have other shit to do. Can I see it anywhere afterwards?

A: The ticket to Scream Stream grants you the access to view the show for 7 days so you can see it until May 29. You can watch it as many times as you like. You can also buy the ticket after the stream has ended (until May 29). Please note: Immidiately after the show it takes some hours for the show to upload into the system.

Q: How can I buy a ticket?

A: Go to…/lordi-scream-stream-scarctic-circle…/ and buy your ticket. You can change the language settings from the top right corner. After the purchase you will receive a confirmation in your e-mail. In that e-mail there is a code you will need to access the stream.

Q: I got my ticket but where can I actually see the stream?

A: You can see the Scream Stream online at Go to the site and set up your account. You can change the language settings from the top of the site (in the middle). Then use the code in your ticket to access the stream. Note! Setting up your account takes some time so please make sure you have enough time to set up everything before the stream starts. We don’t want you to miss anything! You can log in to the stream as early as you want to. Note 2! The site will most likely to be quite crowded just before the stream, so we kindly advice you to register in advance to avoid any problems.

Q: I logged into the stream from my phone. Then I changed my mind and I’d rather watch it from my computer but the site won’t let me in anymore. What is wrong? Do I have to buy another ticket?

A: Nothing is wrong and you don’t have to buy another ticket. Your ticket allows you to watch the stream from one device at a time. So, in order to change your device, you will have to log out from the device you first logged in with and then log in with another.

Q: How can I send my question to the band during the Scream Stream?

A: The Scream Stream will have a live chat option that is accessible for everyone with a ticket. Just type in your name or alias (you don’t have to register anymore) and your message. You can chat with all other Scream Stream viewers and also send your questions to the band via the chat option. The questions will be picked from there and presented to the band by our Scream Stream host Dylan Broda.

Q: Can I still request a song?

A: No you can’t. The band chose the songs already based on fans’ requests on social media weeks ago. They have been rehearsing their hardest not to suck.


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