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Join the Monsters at the Scarctic Circle to experience something you’ve never seen before and will never see again. Live streaming a very special night with hits and rarities played on request from Lordi’s Square, Rovaniemi, Finland. Send your questions during the gig and the band will answer. On the 14th anniversary of Lordi’s ESC victory the band will stretch your lockdown room into a hall and there’s no chance of getting bored. The show will be a minimum of 3 hours, so take your time, you’ll be fine. Tickets for the event can be found here: HELP US BUILD THE SETLIST! That’s right! We’ll give you the once in a lifetime opportunity to help build the setlist for the show! Here are the rules for voting: Vote for a maximum of 5 songs. One vote per person. Votes including the classics as such as: ”Would you Love a Monsterman” ”Devil is a Loser” ”Blood Red Sandman” ”Hard Rock Hallelujah” will be discarded since those will be played EITHER WAY. This is your chance people! Vote for that old B-Side song you always wanted to hear, or why not that underrated track you heard ages ago.** We reserve the rights to choose from the winning songs Leave your votes on our Facebook page or Instagram! Happy voting! Voting will close on April 16th 23.59 CET.


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