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Lordi’s wings and buzzsaw got left behind in Germany – “We decided to go to the other extreme”

Lordi is about to do a special worldwide livestream online which will display the band in a way that no one’s ever seen before. The band will decide the setlist based on fans requests for this three hour spectacular, which will be streamed from the Arctic Circle.

Due to the global corona hassle Lordi’s European tour, Killectour, was cut short in mid-March.

“On a Saturday night we were performing in Leipzig, Germany, to a full venue, and to our surprise we found ourselves on our couches at home already on Sunday evening” says Mr. Lordi, the founder and lead singer of the group.

"Of course the situation pisses us off, because the gigs were going great and overall the tour was a success until the global breakdown. But at this point, I guess we should consider the health of people in general. We’ll get back on the road when the breakdown is over and done. The postponed dates are already being announced."

What’s the other extreme?

While being quarantined to their homes for two weeks a new idea arose amongst the band.

"Well, if we gotta be locked down, we decided to invite our fans from all over the world to my neck of the woods via internet" Mr. Lordi continues.

"Rovaniemi is my hometown and this is where the whole concept of Lordi was born somewhat three decades ago."

Lordi is known for their stage shows but in this livestream many of the bands signature effects and tricks won’t be seen. This is also due to corona.

"Our tour was cut off so unexpectedly that we were forced to leave all of our gear, including all our show props, at a warehouse in Germany. Well, since we cannot show the fans us cutting people in half and the usual shit that we do on stage, what would be left to show? The answer is nothing. We are gonna show nothing. This show is all about no-show. We’re going to the other extreme which allows the fans to get real close for the first time. This is something the fans would never see us do if it wasn’t for corona. So I guess the situation itself provides something special to see, something that we wouldn’t have even thought of in a normal situation. We’re gonna be sitting in a ring like we usually would in our rehearsal loft.”

Scream Stream from Lordi’s Square

Scream Stream - Scarctic Circle Gathering will be streamed live on May 22nd from Rovaniemi, Finland. The band will play at a local rock bar Paha Kurki Rockhouse, right next to Lordi’s Square. Obviously there will be no audience present, but the whole Lordi family from all over the world shall gather together online at the website. The livestream begins at 10 pm Finnish time (UTC+3).

The fans have been given a chance to contribute via social media in making the setlist for the event.

“This gig has no curfew. We’ll be there at least for three hours so there’s no rush. We’ll play the obvious songs, classics or hits if you will, regardless, but now we’ll take the time to play the more obscure songs for the fans too. These songs won’t usually make it to the setlist on tour.”

"Since this whole event will most likely be very loose in concept, it’s bound to create an atmosphere we are usually having at our rehearsal loft. Which means a lot of bullshitting and talking, scratching our assess, smoking and whatever. So we’d wish that the fans would send in their questions, if they have any, for us during the stream. Now we’ll have time and everyone has a microphone in front of them, so I hope it won’t be just me doing the talking. Ever wondered what colour of underwear Mana wears? Ask him, because I’m curious, and I’m too shy to ask it myself," Mr. Lordi chuckles. “The stream will be done in English and it'll be hosted by our good pal Dylan Broda, who can be heard on many of the SCG clips on our albums, and who knows who else from the Lordi family will pop up.”

Lordi Scream Stream - Scarctic Circle Gathering friday May 22nd at 10 pm Finnish time (UTC +3)

Tickets can be found under "TOUR" section!


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