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Grand Premiere Thursday 27/8 - ”Monstars of Rock - The Lordi Story” by True Metal Podcast

”LORDI are a band like no other, a monster squad that plays catchy hard rock music inspired by the likes of KISS, Twisted Sister and Alice Cooper. But their story is even more unique than their look. From humble roots, to winning the Eurovision in 2006, to becoming an unstoppable heavy metal force, LORDI’s journey as a band is filled with monstrous highs and hellish lows.

Experience the band’s story through the first hand accounts of Mr. Lordi, and his troop of monsters both past and present, along with the guiding voice of host and True Metal Podcast founder Matthew Kessie. LORDI’s journey is truly unique and this project is the first of it’s kind, a podcast which consists of 50 hours worth of in-depth interviews with past and present members of the band, along with those closely involved with the group.

This story isn’t just about music, it’s about dreams, sacrifices, determination and perseverance.”

The first season which covers Mr. LORDI’s pre-LORDI days right up to the end of the AROCKALYPSE era starts airing on Thursday August 27th. It can be accessed on Spotify, YouTube, and everywhere you get your podcasts. Or you click this link to access it directly from ACast -

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