Scare Force One

Mr. Lordi

Mr. Lordia.k.a:

The On-Treader
The Unholy Overlord of Tremors
The Most Fearsome Khan of All
Count Nosferatu
The Bastard Son of a Thousand Megalomaniacs
The Biomechanic Man
The Fanged Giant Monster
The Glowing Red Eyes
The One Dressed In Symbiotic Armour
The Cyberundertaker
The Hulk from Hell

Mr. Lordi is known by the people of Earth through the many roles he has taken in past, but his real identity is not known. Mr. Lordi is a descendant of the 900’s century Southern demons and Northern trolls. He has several powers he acquired from demons together with supernatural powers and stamina derived from the trolls. He grew up under protection of a Lappland’s owl and three reindeers. Mr. Lordi seems to use an ax as his principal weapon but his greatest power lies on his body and soul, not on his weapon.


Date of birth:
February 15

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