Scare Force One


Manaa. k. a. :

The Lord Of The Cutterflies
The Minister Of Sinister
Shriek Priest
The Pale Pastor

Mana is a less-known legend from northern scandinavian folklore. He is believed to be the pastor of the dead, operating in the passageway between the land of the living and the dead before they finally pass on to the other side. Some old sanscripts claim that in fact he once was human, and worked as a roaming pastor in scandinavia in the 1100´s. He was excommunicated from the church due to his unusually cruel methods for disciplining sinners. He was said to be a tall, skinny man, who did not speak a word. He judged the people just by looking at them, and he would correct them immeadately on the spot. Even though his figure was not physically intimidating, he was able to take down whole families by himself. A poem from 1187 tells a story of ”a wooden stick of a man who slayed eleven men without ever rising his fist or taking one step.” The poem also mentions something else that is in line with other writings and legends from the time. ”One fly you would not notice, ten flies you know the sun is coming, when flies black out the sun Mana is coming”. Mana was said to travel in the form of a sworm of black and green flies, and some wooden drawings of him portray him with jaws resembling mandibles of an insect, very much as flies have.

Position: drums
Date of birth: December 26

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